• The proposed loan amount will be 40 to 50% of the value of property.
  • Rate of interest for the first year, processing fee, legal charges, collateral deed charges and the due diligence
  • Repayment schedule will be minimum 3 to 5 years.
  • 1% holding charges of the total loan amount will be required at the time of MoU of the company.
  • Legal, Valuation, technical & Visit charges upto 10 CR will be Rs 2 Lakh and more than 10 CR will be Rs 3 Lakh & outstation (Delhi & NCR) Rs 5 Lakh will be required.
  • The product will be a working capital term loan (WCTL) that is in term of cash limit idle for the project.
  • Almost all the documents have been submitted by the client only the remaining pendency i.e. the valuation report has to be submitted.
  • After all the pendencies have been completed the process would take another 40-45 working days for the final disbursement of the product.
  • Consultation fee is 5%-8%
  • Lap or Land Bank
  • 50% of property value ROI @ 11-14% per annum, Income eligibility, sale deed to societies, amount no limit
  • Pure private finance, ROI @ 3% per month, sale deed, 50% of property
  • Project Finance
  • 40% of property value and 50% of project, ROI @ 11-14% per annum
  • 50% of project value, project mortgage, ROI @ 12-16% per annum
  • PSU Bank Option
  • OD/CC/LAP/BG/LC Limit
  • Max exposure
  • Guaranteed result
  • CIBIL negative considered